49mysteries - Block Mystery No 01 - FREE SAMPLE

49mysteries - Block Mystery No 1

This is our very first block riddle for 49mysteries, the sequel to the very popular Mystery Block series within My Year of Design 2015/2016.

If you are not familiar with our mystery projects, we suggest that you first read the introduction to 49mysteries for more explanations about this new mystery project.

Introduction 49Mysteries

Then join in - the PDF below is accessible for everybody so you can see for yourself what 49mysteries will be all about.


In the course of the next weeks, we will also publish the pattern for the actual block which inspired this riddle.

49mysteries will start in September 2016 for real. We will open registration soon, so stay tuned and visit from time to time to see what happens...

Your Results

Feel free to send us a picture of whatever your 49mysteries block No 1 looks like. We would love to publish your work along with your comments for everybody to see! Both sketches and pieced blocks are very welcome.

How to participate

From September 2016, 49mysteries will only be available to those who have registered through our webshop. If you'd like to be part of this project, send us an e-mail and we will notify you as soon as registration is open.

Please note: All 49mysteries block riddles and tutorials are copyrighted material. It costs time and effort to create something like this. Please be fair: Copying and passing on copyrighted material is not sharing, but stealing.