A block swap is a fun activity for a group of quilters. Everybody sews a pre-determined number of identical blocks which are then swapped among the group members. As a result, every quilter has a set of different blocks which can then be made into a sampler or friendship quilt.

Gabriele's Block

Gabriele's Block

Name of the quilter: Gabriele

Country: Germany

Name of the block: Gabriele's Block

Intercambio Internacional de Bloques

International Block Swap

La idea de un intercambio internacional de bloques nació durante una reunión de un grupo de quilters americanas, alemanas y suizas  en Baltimore (USA) en octubre de 2010.  Una señora americana pensó que podría ser una gran idea el intercambiar bloques con quilters de todo el mundo.  Por supuesto, la revista “Quilt around the world” quería estar incluida.

Para que el intercambio funcione, necesitamos tu ayuda!!!

Echange de Blocs International

International Block Swap

L'idée pour notre Echange de blocs international est née lors d'une réunion d'un groupe de quilteuses allemandes, suisses et américaines à Baltimore, États-Unis, en octobre 2010...

What do you think about deadlines in quilting?

I need deadlines to get going. If there is no external deadline, I set one myself.
73% (11 votes)
Deadlines are not important for me. They neither help me to get things done nor are they inhibiting.
13% (2 votes)
I hate deadlines and would rather not participate in group projects or any other project with a deadline than feel pressurized b
13% (2 votes)
Total votes: 15

Working towards a Deadline (or away from it?)

Working towards a Deadline (or away from it?)

There are many amusing activities for quilters to start together. There are Round Robins, Row Robins, quilt challenges, friendship quilts, swapping AMCs (artists’ mailing cards), blocks and fabrics, plus probably a lot more we haven’t even thought of. Most of these activities require a largish group of quilters, a predefined and well-explained task, a few rules to keep both motivation and inspiration within bearable limits and – a deadline... (22 August 2011)

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International Block Swap - What it was all about


The idea for our International Block Swap was born during a meeting of a group of German, Swiss and US American quilters in Baltimore, USA, in October 2010.... (03 August 2011)

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