A technique where various materials are attached (glued) to a surface and sometimes painted over

Layered Leaves I - Assembly

Layered Leaves I - Assembly

Assembling the layers of the Layered Leaves book cover is certainly the most fun part of this project. First, you can play around with the rubbing plate and the paint-stick(s). Then, arranging and re-arranging the multi-coloured leaves brings colour and life to the solid black background. And finally, when everything is covered with bright red tulle, the entire object acquires an almost mystical quality.... (18 August 2011)

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Layered Leaves I (Book Cover)

It is widely acknowledged in the quilting world that keeping a sketchbook is a very good idea. In the best case, this sketchbook travels with you everywhere and is the last thing you “speak” to in the evening and the first to be told about your dreams when you wake up in the morning. It is evident that a confidante of such importance must be adequately dressed.

Feeling autumn already creeping up on us from every angle, we thought that falling leaves would be a very nice motif for our book cover. But as we are still a little reluctant to accept that summer is preparing for its final curtain of this year, we chose leaves in funky colours and gave them an interesting and multi-facetted environment.

The result is a surface which doesn’t reveal all its layers at once. The colour play fools the eye of the onlooker and only at second glance is it evident that the background fabric is actually black... (18 August 2011)

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