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International List of Quilt and Textile Magazines

There are so many quilt and textile related magazines available all over the world that it is difficult to keep track of them.

Here at Quilt around the World, we will list the magazines alphabetically. The list will be a work in progress and we will add magazines as they fall into our hands. So come back often! If you know about a magazine we haven't listed here, please let us know and write us an e-mail to

Great Lakes 2005 – The 12th Day


Today I continued my trip eastwards.

Before leaving Munising, a name which comes from the American-Indian word ”Mewnising“ which means something like ”place of the island“, I wanted to visit the Munising Range Lights. Unfortunately, I only managed to see the Front Range....

Great Lakes 2005 – The 11th Day

Stone Pyramid

The last two days hadn’t been brilliant weather-wise and this day began in the same way....

Intercambio Internacional de Bloques

International Block Swap

La idea de un intercambio internacional de bloques nació durante una reunión de un grupo de quilters americanas, alemanas y suizas  en Baltimore (USA) en octubre de 2010.  Una señora americana pensó que podría ser una gran idea el intercambiar bloques con quilters de todo el mundo.  Por supuesto, la revista “Quilt around the world” quería estar incluida.

Para que el intercambio funcione, necesitamos tu ayuda!!!

Great Lakes 2005 – The 7th Day

Baily's Harbor Range Light

After some thorough research the previous evening, my quest for lighthouses was a lot more successful than the day before. From one of my lighthouse books, I knew that Eagle Bluff Lighthouse is located in Peninsula State Park which is in the vicinity of Fish Creek...

Great Lakes 2005 – The 6th Day


Today’s underlying motto was: Look out for lighthouses! Unfortunately, I had very limited success with this motto which was entirely due to my own stupidity. In the end it didn’t matter because Door County and especially Door Peninsula is so incredibly beautiful and most certainly one of the most attractive places on the shores of Lake Michigan...

Great Lakes 2005 – The 5th Day

Lighthouse Fond du Lac

One of the many flyers I had picked up on my way to Lake Winnebago announced that the “Walleye Fest” would take place in Fond du Lac, a town at the southern most point of the lake on the upcoming weekend. Walleye is a fish which was on offer in fried form at the festival. Numerous food booths aside, there were live concerts, several sports competitions and, of course, a fishing competition...

Great Lakes 2005 – The 4th Day

Taliesin East

I got up very early because a substantial forage into the “back country” of Lake Michigan was on the agenda. Near Madison, the capital of Wisconsin, lies Taliesin East, one of the most important buildings designed by the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright...

Echange de Blocs International

International Block Swap

L'idée pour notre Echange de blocs international est née lors d'une réunion d'un groupe de quilteuses allemandes, suisses et américaines à Baltimore, États-Unis, en octobre 2010...

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