All quilts or quilt tops made from blocks from our first International Block Swap

IBS4 Quilt: Mirjam S, DE

IBS4 Quilt: Mirjam S, DE

Name of the quilter: Mirjam S

Name of the quilt: A Peek across the Garden Fence

IBS4 team: Alpine Ibex

Country: Germany

Karin's IBS1 Quilt

Karin's IBS1 Quilt

While we are in the middle of preparing the IBS2 Travelling Exhibition, let's not forget how it all started with the block swaps! This is Karin's IBS1 quilt...

IBS1 Travelling Exhibition - Last Curtain

IBS1 Travelling Exhibition - Last Curtain

As you might have read in our last newsletter, we celebrated the grand finale of our

IBS1 Traveling Exhibition at the Nadelwelt 2014

in Karlsruhe, Germany, from May 23 – 25, 2014....

Margarita's IBS1 Quilt

Margarita's IBS1 Quilt

As you can see, people are still sending us pictures for IBS1! This wonderful and very large IBS1 quilt is the collaboration of an entire family...

IBS1 Travelling Exhibition - looking back...

IBS Travelling Exhibition

We will always look back on the year 2013 as the year "when we did the IBS1 Travelling Exhibition". The IBS1 Travelling Exhibition, or as it has turned out, the first part of the IBS1 Travelling Exhibition, was a great and unique experience for the Quilt around the World team...

Patchworkgruppe Schotten, September 2013 - The IBS1 Gallery

Schotten Raffle Quilt

Three ladies of the Schotten quilt guild participated in IBS1 and from there it was a small step to make their 2013 quilt show one of the destinations of the IBS1 Travelling Exhibition....

LandHausLeben Langenlois September 2013

Schloss Haindorf

LandHausLeben is a combination of exhibition and shopping opportunity, mainly for soft furnishings, clothing and decorative objects....

Patchwork and Textilmarkt Erding September 2013 - The IBS1 Gallery

Yukiko Quilts

The Patchwork und Textilmark Erding is a very special event for us...

Maria N's IBS1 Quilt

Maria N's IBS1 Quilt

Maria N from Austria needed a little encouragement to actually send us the picture of her quilt. Jutta and Johann met her at one of the destinations of the IBS1 Travelling Exhibition. When they learnt that Maria N had a finished IBS1 quilt at home, they pestered her so long until she agreed to send a picture. And don't you agree that this quilt absolutely needs to be in the IBS1 quilt gallery...

A Quilt(ed) Journey

A Quilt(ed) Journey

The life of us quilts is fairly uneventful.

Right at our conception admittedly, there is some major excitement. Fabrics are chosen, patterns are researched, and sewing utensils are frantically searched for. Cutting tools are sharpened and matching threads are purchased. The sewing machine prepares for a heavy workout. Design ideas are conceived, evaluated, and sometimes overthrown again. Crisis breaks out when it becomes evident that the focus fabric will run out before  we are finished.

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