Hortus Conclusus - The History and Symbolic Meaning of Enclosed “Secret” Gardens

Garden Gate

The name Hortus Conclusus, romantic title of our Hortus Conclusus Medaillon Quilt, is a Latin term an literally means “enclosed garden,” carefully laid out hidden sanctuaries which were often enclosed by fences, walls or impenetrable hedges protecting the privacy of their (noble) owners from the public or stray animals....

Anke B. Calzada

Spring Flower (Quilting Motif)

Spring Flower

It seems that we have a strong preference for flower motifs when we are quilting. Here comes another design inspired by nature. The simple stylized bloom on a slender, curved stem complements the yellow and green colour setting chosen for the Tie a Yellow Ribbon quilt. You will find the entire flowers in the light green setting triangles... (originally published on 12 March 2011)

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