50pictures End of the Year News

50pictures End of the Year News

Isn't it incredible how quickly time flies? Since 19 December 2015, all 50 photos for 50pictures have been online.

Reminder: You can choose among ALL published photos to translate into a miniature quilt!

There are no more individual deadlines - please disregard dates given for some of the photos published earlier in 2015. If you'd like to be part of the 50pictures miniature challenge, the deadline for sending your miniature quilt(s) to us is 31 March 2016.

Reminder: The fee remains the same, no matter whether you send one, several or 50 miniature quilts!

The 50pictures gallery now contains almost 90 finished quilts. As you will see, we have reorganized the gallery which now shows the last published quilt as first gallery entry. If you'd like to see all quilts made from one particular photo, please use the tagging below the gallery entries (e. g. 50pics_07 will guide you to all quilts belonging to the 7th photo).

We have already started to look for international jurors who will select the winners of the 50pictures challenge. If you like, you will receive a feedback on your quilt from the jurors. And of course, we will raffle prizes among all participants at the end of the jurying phase!

Plans for a 50pictures Travelling Exhibition start to shape up and we hope to have some very exciting news in February 2016.

50pictures End of the Year News