50pictures No. 47 - Sheep

50pictures No. 47 - Sheep

Sheep are ruminant mammals typically kept as livestock for wool, meat, and milk. It is believed that they descend from the wild mouflon of Europe and Asia. Sheep are herd animals and their worldwide number is estimated at over 1 billion.

Having played an important role in farming for millenia, it is not surprising that sheep have their place also in many aspects of human culture - in language, symbology, mythology and religion.

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50pictures No. 47 - Sheep

If you want to take on this challenge, you are asked to create a miniature quilt based on this photo and write a few sentences on your thoughts and inspiration for your piece. It is not necessary to recreate the motif in fabric. It should be clear however, from the quilt itself and/or from your comment, how the photo inspired your piece.

Before handing in your interpretation of this week’s photo, please make sure that you have read the challenge rules. You can find them in the 50pictures introduction.

Each week until 19 December 2015, we will publish a new picture with a new deadline. You are invited to interpret as many pictures as you like. It is NOT necessary to make all of them!

Please send a completed registration form for EVERY quilt you submit and pay the participation fee with submission of your first quilt (all subsequent submissions are covered with the participation fee). To comply with the deadlines for the individual photos, it is sufficient to pay the registration fee and to e-mail the registration form and a picture of your quilt to info@around-the-world.comin time. In order to participate in the challenge, you have to send the actual quilt and the original of the registration form to us by 15 March 2016 at the very latest.

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