*Annette D, Germany: Schlangenportal

Annette D, Germany: Schlangenportal

Name of the quilter: Annette D

Name of the block: Schlangenportal (Snake Portal)

Country: Germany

Size: 9" by 9" (22.5 cm by 22.5 cm)

I was born and raisesd in the small rural community of Untermerzback in Lower Frankonia (Bavaria, Germany). In one part of this community - in the village Obermerzbach - there is a small Romanic church called St. Michael. It is the oldest sacral building of the Landkreis (district) Haßberge. The simple architecture and scarce décor lend a special sense of originality to the church. 

The only "embellishment" on the sandstone facade of the small church is the so called Snake Portal, a Romanic blind arch frieze which represents two snakes that wind their heads around each other. When in 1979 a coat of arms was created for the community, this motif was also used. 

Annette D, Germany: Schlangenportal

PS: Have I mentioned that my husband and I married in this wonderful church almost 20 years ago?