archiTEXTure #13-1 - Herbarium

archiTEXTure 13-1: Herbarium #patchwork #quilting #textileart

Name of the Quilt: Herbarium

archiTEXTure Photo: #13

Quilt: #13-1

Please note that we are publishing all entries for our archiTEXTure challenge* anonymously. We are doing this because all these pieces will be assessed by a team of international quilt judges. The professional ethics of judging quilts require that the maker remain anonymous as not to influence the judging by existing friendships or - hopefully rarely - animosities.

Artist Statement:

The lattice structure reminds me of boxes for collections, in German called Setzkasten. This gave rise to the idea for a collection of plant motifs.
Used techniques: patchwork, crochet, application, embroidery

archiTEXTure 13-1: Herbarium #patchwork #quilting #textileart