archiTEXTure #5-1 - Phoenix from the Ashes

archiTEXTure 5-1: Phoenix from the Ashes #patchwork #quilting #textileart

Name of the Quilt: Phoenix from the Ashes

archiTEXTure Photo: #5

Quilt: #5-1

Please note that we are publishing all entries for our archiTEXTure challenge* anonymously. We are doing this because all these pieces will be assessed by a team of international quilt judges. The professional ethics of judging quilts require that the maker remain anonymous as not to influence the judging by existing friendships or - hopefully rarely - animosities.

Artist Statement:

„As Phoenix from the Ashes" is the synonym for resurrection, renovation, renaissance. For the light at the end of the tunnel, the end of the pandemy. Therefore my choice for the textile translation. The quilting lines are reduced to the colourful spirals representing the feathers - like ammonites. A hint of ash and soot is still clinging to them.

Wholecloth, textile painting, double-sided fusing material, batting

archiTEXTure 5-1: Phoenix from the Ashes #patchwork #quilting #textileart