Where do you come from?

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*Dorota W., Poland: Surfers on the Baltic

Dorota W., Poland: Surfers on the Baltic

Name of the quilter: Dorota W.

Name of the block: Surfers on the Baltic

Country: Poland

*Dagmar T., Germany: Windmühlen

Dagmar T., Germany: Windmühlen

Name of the quilter: Dagmar T.

Name of the block: Windmühlen

Country: Germany

*Michaela M., Austria: Waldviertel

Michaela M., Austria: Waldviertel

Name of the quilter: Michaela M.

Name of the block: Waldviertel

Country: Austria

*Jolanda P., Portugal/Switzerland: 9 Islands - 9 Colors

Jolanda P., Portugal: 9 Islands - 9 Colors

Name of the quilter: Jolanda P.

Name of the block: 9 Islands - 9 Colors

Country: Portugal/Switzerland

*Patricia G., Argentina: Cosquín, mi tierra

Patricia K., Argentina: Cosquín, mi tierra

Name of the quilter: Patricia G.

Name of the block: Cosquín, mi tierra

Country: Argentina

*Karina P, Argentina: Caminito

Karina P, Argentina: Caminito

Name of the quilter: Karina P.

Name of the block: Caminito

Country: Argentina

*Margit Sch., Germany: Bodenloses Loch

Margit Sch., Germay: Bodenloses Loch

Name of the quilter: Margit Sch.

Name of the block: Bodenloses Loch

Country: Germany

*Marion G, Brasil: Chimarrão

Marion G, Brasil: Chimarrão

Name of the quilter: Marion G.

Name of the block: Chimarrão

Country: Brasil

*Rawyah A, Saudi Arabia: Mahaffa

Rawyah A, Saudi Arabia: Mahaffa

Name of the quilter: Rawyah A

Name of the block: Mahaffa

Country: Saudi Arabia

*Mariia M, Ukraine: Picturesque Ukraine

Mariia M, Ukraine: Picturesque Ukraine

Name of the quilter: Mariia M

Name of the block: Picturesque Ukraine

Country: Ukraine

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