Bonus: Waterlily 2

Waterlily 2

This quilt motif was designed to fill the large triangles of the Lady of the Lake block when the block is used in a single block setting. This is the case in the bonus cushion project, but Waterlily 2 would also complement the block if integrated in a block sampler. Of course, you can also use this motif for any other triangle unit. The size can be easily adjusted with a photocopier.

The motif takes up the Waterlily theme to underline the lake imagery of the underlying pieced block. Waterlily 2 can be quilted rather quickly and is not too difficult. In this version, it is not suitable for machine quilting.

For the Lady of the Lake cushion, we centred the Waterlily 2 motif in the four large triangles on the edges of the block. The visual impact aside, this also has the advantage of quilting with a safe distance from any seams that might make your handquilting experience less amusing.

Use your favourite method for transferring the motif to the quilt top.

The attached PDF file shows Waterlily 2 in the size appropriate for the Lady of the Lake block or cushion. You can increase or decrease the size using a photocopier according to the demands of any other project.

Waterlily 2

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