Circles and Crescents

Circles and Crescents

Many of you have probably seen this quilt in Oakshott Fabrics' bright Ruby Red fabrics before, on our website, in the German Patchwork Magazine, on Pinterest or at the Oakshott Fabrics booth at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham.

This quilt was inspired by the street map of Bath, the famous English spa town which enjoyed its heyday in the Regency era. The majestic Royal Crescent with its inimitable view was the birthplace of the concept behind this elegant wallhanging.

The quilt is made up entirely of Drunkard‘s Path units (a square divided by a curved line making one convex and one concave shape) in two sizes. These units are arranged to form full circles (pattern also known as Snowball or Robbing Peter to Pay Paul), half circles and three-quarters of a circle.

Circles and Crescents

The design needs 16 different fabrics belonging to the same colour group. We used a range of shot fabrics based on the same red warp thread.

Size of Quilt

The Circle and Crescents quilt is a medium sized wallhanging measuring ca. 28“ x 57“ (ca. 71 x 145 cm).


Intermediate. All blocks in the Circles and Crescents quilt have curved seams. But no worries, curved seams are easier to sew than they appear.

Quilt Pattern and Sewing Instructions

The instructions are available in our webshop - now not only in German and English, but also in Spanish and French:

Circles&Crescents PDF Download Pattern