EQ8 Licences are Back in Store!

EQ8 Software

As we all know, the unexpected often happens...

As you probably know from our last mailings, we have actually been working on closing down Quilt around the World since the beginning of 2021. For example, we already decided at the end of 2020 to stop the sales of the EQ8 patchwork design software and only sell the remaining inventory at that time.

By a lucky coincidence, the cards have recently been completely reshuffled for us and we have - surprise! - decided to become active as resellers for EQ8 again. This means that Quilt around the World will indeed continue to exist, but "only" with a focus on EQ8 and with a small side show with My Year of Design, the Patchwork Puzzles and the Coincidence Quilts. Block Swaps and similar community quilt projects are still not planned!

Thus, we are happy to announce that EQ8 is back in our webshop: 

And because we want you to have fun using the EQ8 software right from the start, you get our free e-mail support when you buy a full EQ8 version or an EQ8 upgrade. 

Sorry, we can’t ship to the U.S. and Canada.


If you have any questions about the EQ8 software and the manifold functionalities, just send us an e-mail to info@quilt-around-the-world.com. We’ll be happy to help.