Fabric Beads

Fabric Beads

Fabric Beads have been one of our favourite past times here at Quilt around the World since summer 2010. We have rolled numerous triangles – symmetrical ones and asymmetrical ones – into beads which we have then transferred to items of jewellery. Some of these items you can see in the Project section within the Wearables category. And there will certainly be more designs to follow!

The fact that our articles are published online enables us to revise existing texts at any time. Since the fabric beads have enjoyed great popularity whenever we demonstrated the technique to others, we thought that this merited a thorough revision of this subject.

Making and wearing our own fabric bead creations has furthermore taught as a few tricks to enhance the durability of the beads. You always have to bear in mind that textile jewellery is not as durable as jewellery made from metal, glass, stone or plastic! But there are a few strategies which make this very original kind of ornament a stable companion in your daily lives.

This set of instructions now has THREE chapters (see the links at the bottom of this text): the basics of making fabric beads, strategies to make them more durable, and the options you have to vary the shapes and sizes of your fabric beads.

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