Funky Octagonnies

Funky Octagonny #octagonny #patchwork #quilt

We are very excited to announce another partnership with Angelika Steinböck of Quilthouse Purgstall in Austria! She found a really funky alternative colourway for our Octagonnies...

Octagonny - 8 sides will make you happy! This is a new activity here at Quilt around the World which brings you a new block every other week plus several bonus projects which lend themselves extremely well to decorate your home or make beautiful presents for all seasons.

We got so used to our own maritime colour scheme of red, blue and white that Angelika's "funky" version came as a huge surprise. We simply LOVE the contrasts created by the bold colours and clever variety of patterns. It is incredible to see how the very same block patterns and quilt layout change from the playful, happy-go-lucky Felicity quilt into this dynamic and electrifying version!

Funky Octagonny #octagonny #patchwork #quilt

(Quilt diagram created with Electric Quilt based on photos of the original fabrics. Colour variations due to screen resolution and screen settings possible.)

Angelika offers this "Funky Octagonnies" kit for the quilt top including binding. Please contact her at

for the price including shipping.