The Hortus Conclusus Quilt

The Hortus Conclusus Quilt

The Hortus Conclusus quilt is a medallion style quilt with a traditional centre block motif called “The Castle Garden” surrounded by seven borders pieced from half-square triangles alternating with strip borders made up of fabric stripes of different widths.

Interesting and inspirational background information to the romantic name of the quilt can be found in the article Hortus Conclusus - The History and Symbolic Meaning of Enclosed “Secret” Gardens.

The name of the centre block and the various green (and some purple) fabrics set the garden theme very early on in this project which culminated in the hand-quilting motif used in the outer border.

Castle Garden

The quilted leaves and spirals on the outer border are a lasting souvenir of a trip to Wales and the wonderful quilts which can be admired there.

Leafy Hedge

The Hortus Conclusus quilt is a large quilt with about 1,000 half-square triangles (ca. 600 green and purple triangles and ca. 450 beige triangles). This is a great project to use up some of these fabrics you don't really like that much any more! This quilt works best with as many different prints as possible, so clean out your stash and get your rotary cutter ready...

Hortus Conclusus Quilt

Size of Quilt

The Hortus Conclusus quilt is a square medallion quilt of approx. 82“x 82” or approx. 2.05m x 2.05m finished size.


Intermediate. The motifs of the quilt are not particularly difficult but for cutting, combining and sewing the ca. 1,000 half-square triangles together you will need some staying power.

Quilt Pattern and Sewing Instructions

The detailed step-by-step pattern is available in our webshop:

The Hortus Conclusus Quilt Pattern (PDF)