The Latest IBS2 Facts & Figures


Just to keep you in the loop: Almost 100 blocks from 15 countries have already arrived at our office in Munich or are currently on their way to Germany! As you can see here, we're pretty well organized this time...

... but it seems that we have to get more boxes soon!


Boxes with IBS2 blocks

Not yet decided about joining in? Need some more inspiration?

Please go to the IBS2-gallery and have a look at all the beautiful water blocks we have already received! We are a little behind with publishing, so come back often as there will be new blocks every day.

If you feel that you might not make the deadline which is 31 December 2013: We will do the swapping on 11 January 2014. All packages received by then will be part of IBS2 anyway. Should you fear that your blocks won't arrive on time for our big swapping day, PLEASE LET US KNOW! Unless your block arrives in late February, we will find a solution... ;-)