MYoD Bauhaus - Abstraction - Ulla B.

MYoD Bauhaus - Abstraction #textileart #inspiration #myyearofdesign

Name of the quilter: Ulla

Name of the piece: Lübeck

Name of the exercise: My Year of Design TWO/Abstraction


What Ulla says about her design:

It took me a while to get away from Paul Klee and to find my own path. Again and again Klee's square dissolutions came to mind. In the end I started to play around with pieces of fabric and so, slowly, the panorama of Lübeck emerged. It was a conscious decision to keep the design inexact and not in the the correct proportions. I wanted to show the impression one has approaching Lübeck via the motorway A20. Which we do often as Lübeck is at a distance of only 20 km from our house and our preferred town to go shopping (provided one can in fact go shopping). I showed it to my husband who is very exacting. And, alas, he recognized Lübeck. Objective obtained. The piece appears to be a little raw because I wanted it to look a little unfinished.

MYoD Bauhaus - Abstraction #textileart #inspiration #myyearofdesign