MYOD-Bauhaus - Lines - Astrid K., DE

#bauhaus #inspiration #myyearofdesign #patchwork

Name of the quilter: Astrid

Name of the exercise: MYoD2-Bauhaus - Lines

What Astrid says about her design:

Right after enrolling, like a good girl I only read up to the first exercise. But really, if all the exercises are as inspiring, I have to hand in ca. 20 quilts...

For the lines, I selected one of two ideas and have already made 5 designs. There are at least two ideas more and everything only simple straight lines, all the same length and filling the entire sheet! When I start thinking about corners, curves or irregularity, only partially filled spaces... And then all the possibilities in converting the sketches to a quilt! At least your size requirements give some kind of limit here. I am not that much of a small pieces person...

I am so thrilled, I just have to say thank you for this great class!

The conversion of the lines is much more difficult than I thought at first! At least for my design. I thought I would just start by quilting the lines. But just the opposite. I don't get my start and end points to work together properly...

#bauhaus #inspiration #myyearofdesign #patchwork