MYoD - Week 02 - juhu

MYoD - Week 02 - juhu

User name of the quilter: juhu

Name of the exercise: Everything but 90° (calendar week 02)

What Jutta says about her week 02 exercise:

I have long been fascinated by skeletal tours, like pylons or some lighthouses. You can walk round them and look up into the structures and with every step, you see a different pattern. I even sat underneath one this summer and made this sketch:

MYoD - Week 02 - juhu - pylon

Knowing that I would have to put the design into fabric, I wanted something a lot simpler than that for MYoD. This is the simplified design, resembling a pylon seen from the side (not from underneath):

MYoD - Week 02 - juhu - sketch

I then used EQ7 to draw the block and experiment with colours:

MYoD - Week 02 - juhu - sketch EQ7

EQ7 isn't only good for playing with colours and fabrics, but it makes the drawing of patterns for foundation piecing a piece of cake! I don't really like foundation piecing, but for a design as this one, it is probably the technique most appropriate.

MYoD - Week 02 - juhu - foundation pattern

And here the finished block:

MYoD - Week 02 - juhu - Block

I tried to use many different shades of grey and blue grey and differently patterned fabrics. I am quite surprised how well the pylon is distinguishable in my block!

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