MYoD - Week 04 - Anke

MYoD - Week 04 - Anke

User name of the quilter: Anke

Name of the exercise: This is what I usually do

What Anke says about week 04:

Actually, I always assumed that my quilts don't follow a typical pattern and I don't let myself be nailed to a particular style . However, taking a closer look, in most of my quilts there can be found some typical elements: So far, I 've worked exclusively with squares , half-square triangles and stripes. I've never any tried free cutting techniques or circles. The outline of my quilts usually consists of narrow stripes with a large square in each corner. Further inside, there is a broad border in solid fabric with a hand quilt pattern. In the middle there are either self-designed blocks , some designed as a sampler, or I use the entire surface for a symmetric square-triangle-stripe-pattern with variations and improvisations, when I run out of fabrics..

Since I have no favorite or typical colors, I kept my design in neutral shades of gray. Basically, I like all shades of blue and turquoise, brown, light spring green, shades of gray and ecru as well as white as background color - and sometimes unusual combinations.

MYoD - Week 04 - Anke

I never plan and design my quilts on paper, but have spontaneously a pattern in mind when I discover interesting new fabrics. Then I just start sewing and am curious if I really like my pattern when I see it. I also find it very interesting to see how much my quilt changes when I add stripes in different widths and colors around the center blocks. Unfortunately, I am a very impatient person and I am happy when I can finish my quilt top quickly ( mainly because I sew mostly very large formats). The (hand-) quilting then usually takes a very long time ... I have way to many UFOs!!

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