MYoD - Week 08 - Jutta

MYoD - Week 08 - Jutta

User name of the quilter: juhu

Name of the exercise: De(con)struction

What juhu says about week 08:

I made a quilt design in week 04 (This is what I usually do) which is very typical for me - a square bed quilt combining two "traditional" blocks creating a secondary motif. I actually wrote in my mind map that I have never cut up a quilt top. But it was quite clear that I would never get any further than week 04, if I had to sew the quilt.

So I took the easy way out and printed my (EQ7) design on printable fabric and took it from there:

MYoD - Week 08 - Jutta_1

I made two cuts, pulled the pieces a little apart and inserted matching solid fabrics:

MYoD - Week 08 - Jutta_2

The incision on the left side was unintentional (ie I made a mistake), but I decided to leave it and make another incision on the other side.

MYoD - Week 08 - Jutta_3

I quilted in the the imaginary ditches in the "pieced" part and did some free motion quilting in the inserted parts:

MYoD - Week 08 - Jutta_4

To save time, I didn't bind the quilt but secured the edges with a dense zigzag.

And here is the famous "before and after" photo opportunity:

MYoD - Week 08 - Jutta_5

I was surprised how much fun this actually was. Cutting through the classical quilt design was very liberating and I am contemplating the possibility of making an EQ7 design and print out of "all" my traditional quilts and cutting them up before I start on the big project. ;-)