MYoD - Week 14 - Anke Update!

MYoD - Week 14 - Anke

Name of the Quilter: Anke

Name of the Exercise: Battle of Colors

What Anke says about week 14:

Yellow, orange and red are my least favorite colors for patchwork and quilting but I like all shades of blue including turquoise. For this week's exercise, I used my brand-new EQ7 software for this exercise, just to practice a bit...

When I thought of the battle of the colors, I knew immediately that my fight could only be won with acute angles and sharp edges. So I chose pointed triangles that were able to drill deep into the opponent's field. The fabrics had mostly larger patterns, were wild and expressive. Sometimes, the colors yellow and orange prevailed, while sometimes the shades of blue  gained the upper hand. In between, the colors got mixed to some extent resulting in different shades of green and purple.

MYoD - Week 14 - Battle of Colors

In the end, my favorite color blue is the winner. However, the other colors still keep their right to exist. Therefore, my peace offer looks like this:

MYoD - Week 14 - Battle of Colors - Peace

A small bright yellow-orange-red star in perfect harmony - still with pointed triangles and sharp edges but with calmer fabric patterns - may shine in the quiet dark blue night sky....

Update: In the meantime, I realized my peace star with a self-designed paper piecing template and made it a miniature quilt. I also practiced a little machine quilting. I gave my mini quilt the title "Supernova".

MYoD - Week 14 - Anke Supernova

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