MYOD - Week 14 - Michaela

MYOD - Week 14 - Michaela

Name of the Quilter: Michaela

Name of the Exercise: Battle of Colours


What Michaela says about week 14:

My favorite earth-tone and natural colors are fighting with my least liked color pink.

My first thought was: "Oh my God, I shall sew something in pink? Do I want this at all?”

I really didn’t feel like sewing something in pink because I can’t stand this color, especially pastel pink. There was only one solution: I went outside in my garden and did something completely different!

Since spring began early this year, the garden was already in full bloom – beautiful!  There was the magnolia tree with its large white pink flowers, the bergenia was showing an overwhelming abundance of pink blossoms this year, and even the dead-nettles were already starting to flourish in bright pink on the lawn. Could it be that this color keeps haunting me…?!  

MYOD - Week 14 - Michaela


My wall hanging on the topic "Favorite Color Fights with Least Liked Color” features a branch of a hydrangea because I really like this bush. The flowers appear in June and bloom until autumn. The hydrangea is simply beautiful - although it blooms in PINK!

My colors don’t really fight with each other because they go well together (as nature taught me). Therefore, I call my piece “Colors in Harmony.”


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