MYoD - Week 14 - QuiltyLoca-Update!

MYoD-week 14 - QuiltyLoca

Name of the Quilter: QuiltyLoca

Name of the Exercise: Battle of Colors

What QuiltyLoca says about week 14:

Tthe most important values in my life are harmony, tolerance and respect. I hate fights, battles or even competitions. This is why I had some problems with the battle of colors.

I don’t like flame red because for me it’s a very aggressive color. Therefore, I don’t use it often or only in combination with matching colors.

MYoD-week 14 - QuiltyLoca

In my little crazy block, I combined my least liked color red with my favorites white and dark blue. The three colors are not exactly fighting to win, it’s more like a “catch me if you can” game. A red triangle started in the middle but got caught by white and blue. Then, another red triangle popped up and got surrounded by white and blue again. More and more red shapes tried to sneak in but they all were captured. The outer border is the compromise between the colors: blue and white are the main colors but there’s still a place for a narrow red stripe…

I don’t know yet what to do with my block. It’s about 20”x20”. Any suggestions?



After a long long time, I went back to my fighting colors exerecise and did something radical which I haven't done before: I used textile colors and printed random stars and stripes in white, blue and red across my top. For the stars, I used potatoes and a cookie cutter and for the stripes a wooden block from my son's toys... 

Many thanks to Selun for your great advice! I'm pretty happy that I was so courageous to use textile colors....

MYoD-week 14 - QuiltyLoca   MYoD-week 14 - QuiltyLoca

I decided to make a seat cushion and called it "Stars & Stripes" as a little tribute to our national flag. My hubby loves the seat cushion and always takes it to the baseball games...

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