MYoD - Week 14 - Selun - Update!

MYoD - Week 14 - Selun - Update!

User name of the quilter: Selun

Name of the exercise: Battle of Colours

What Selun says about her update for week 14:

I got one step further in the battle of the favourite and least liked colours. My favourite colour really is blue, but as you can see, red starts to dominate everything. I wanted to recreate the accidental picture made with acrylic paint in fabric.

That was extremely difficult.

MYoD - Week 14 - Selun - Update!

When I showed my niece my first attempt, she asked me why I had made a red rabbit. That was really frustrating. So I sat down once more and started to refurbish my design. Organza, tulle, a  piece of hand-dyed silk, red fibres and beads were very helpful.

I am almost done, but I am not sure whether I should change something in the lower middle part where there is a very abrupt transition.

What do you think? I would love to have some feedback...

MYoD - Week 14 - Selun - Update!

Ok, now I am really done with my work for week 14.

I have been thinking that really there aren't any colours which can't look good together with other colours. I think even beige and brown have their justification, you only have to prepare the stage properly on which they are to be shown off.

Another factor is the quantity in which they are used in a painting/quilt. When I embroidered my picture, I used a yarn in a very bright blue, but with red and yellow pieces in it. And this also works because the yellow is not very prominent. Yellow is a very dominant colour and can assert itself against other colours even if used in small qunatities. 

To distract the eye from the red area in the lower left part, I used large blue glass beads (bought during a trip to the USA) there. The easter bunny disappeared, leaves and plants took its place.

MYoD - Week 14 - Selun - Update!

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