MYoD - Week 21 - CrazyLogCabin

MYoD-Week 21 - CrazyLogCabin

Name of the Quilter: CrazyLogCabin

Name of the Exercise: What is in a Word

What CrazyLogCabin says about Week 21:


One of my favorite novels is “Die Fäden des Schicksals” (Engl. "The threads of fate") by Marie Bostwick. On page 55 the 137th word is: Er (Engl. “he”).
Then I thought about what could be in these two letters. Since I have attended a course in free machine quilting recently, I thought I'd try it once with machine quilting.

MYoD-Week 21 - CrazyLogCabin

Well, it has not become a highlight because I will still have to practice a lot! So far I have quilted everything by hand.

(Editor's note: Well, we think that this little block looks awesome and is a wonderful inspiration for others to try machine quilting, too! Great job, CrazyLogCabin!)