MYoD - Week 28 - Selun

MYoD - Week 28 - Selun

Name of the Quilter: Selun

Name of the exercise: Coincidence Quilt Part 7

What Selun says about week 28:

I got a miniature quilt in the first round of the Coincidence Quilt. Great, I thought, that's not that much work. So I collected the fabrics in the colours: favourite colour blue, yellow and joker colour burgundy red. 

For part 5, I got the complimentary colour for burgundy red which is light green. Both this stipulation and the checked fabric I got for part 6 were covered by the green check I selected. I didn't use the darker yellow, though, which you can see on the picture.

MYoD - Week 28 - Selun

The other rule was to create a strip quilt using only abstract shapes. 

A pattern made from an old newspaper in the size and then I was ready to go. 

To put all the stipulatioins into one miniature quilt wasn't that easy. Since I never plan a quilt, I started to cut two 4 cm wide strips and joined them. Since I got the joker for the technique, I chose Seminole which I don't like at all. For me, it's simply boring to join strips.

MYoD - Week 28 - Selun

So, the top is finished. I have started to work on it with some screen printing. Is that allowed???

On the next picture, you can see my leftovers. They will be used up as well and I will send the picture as soon as the small quilt is finished. 

MYoD - Week 28 - Selun_Leftovers