MYoD - Week 32 - Lenchen

MYoD - Week 32 - Lenchen

Name of the Quilter: Lenchen

Name of the Exercise: Make a mistake

What Lenchen says about week 32:

Surprisingly enough, I managed to finish week 32 within one week, but it took up considerable time. At first I thought, strange exercise, but suddenly I found it very easy. When quilting, I found out that it is not that easy after all, but it was enormously interesting.

MYoD - Week 32 - Lenchen

This quilt was partially quilted by hand, partially by machine

I had so much fun with this that I immediately made second quilt. This one is quilted entirely by hand.

MYoD - Week 32 - Lenchen-2

MYoD - Week 32 - Lenchen-3

MYoD - Week 32 - Lenchen-4