MYoD - Week 38 - Selun

MYoD - Week 38 - Selun

Name of the Quilter: Selun

Name of the exercise: Three Lines and Two Circles

What Selun says about week 38:

Week 38 really was a challenge!

The lines were easy enough and they make a block which can be pieced easily. But adding the circles makes the individual pieces too difficult to be joined, even for such old hands.

I had to do some heavy thinking for a long time. Then I had this idea: I would place three lines as stipulated and would then appliqué organza circles. So I would end up with a light and shadow effect.

I chose my favourite and least favourite colours for this exercise - a result from the MYoD exercise from week 14. The colour battle has left a permanent impression in my brain!

Then I outline quilted everything with a blue and red variegated thread. Somehow the lines got lost in this process, so I emphasised them with silver thread. 

MYoD - Week 38 - Selun

I could imagine making a quilt using this technique, with different variations as to colour and shape.