Patchwork Puzzles

Patchwork Puzzles #patchworkpuzzles #patchwork #quilt #better than sudoku

The Patchwork Puzzles have been an important part of the Quilt around the World project landscape since 2015. The block mysteries, as we then called them, were initially a part of the second edition of our design course "My Year of Design - A Journey of Thinking and Making". Since then the Patchwork Puzzles have come a long way and have acquired a select and very creative fan club of its own.

Patchwork Puzzles or block mysteries at Quilt around the World are different to the usual mystery projects. Our projects invite you to explore the delights and challenges of patchwork from a completely different perspective!

First, play with the entertaining patchwork puzzles in which we deliberately describe patchwork blocks - sometimes classic patterns, but mostly motifs we designed ourselves - in a somewhat mysterious and fragmented way. Let us entice you to explore new creative ways, experiment with shapes and colours and design your own block patterns on this basis - you will be surprised how much fun this is and what you can create!

Crosswords and Sudokus are a thing of the past. With our Patchwork Puzzles you will have puzzle fun, excitement and entertainment while designing your own block patterns. In addition, you will receive the piecing instructions for our versions of the Patchwork Puzzle Blocks including full-size templates for copying or printing plus various quilt layout ideas!

Patchwork Puzzles #patchworkpuzzles #patchwork #quilt #better than sudoku

With the third book publication out in the world and plans for the fourth edition, it is high time that the Patchwork Puzzles get their own space at Quilt around the World. Simply because we would like to invite everybody to continue to hand in pictures of their Patchwork Puzzle blocks, no matter whether these result from an ongoing online Patchwork Puzzle project or from our three Patchwork Puzzle books!

Sneak Preview:

Patchwork Puzzle FOUR

We are working on a concept for a new Patchwork Puzzle which will continue the tradition of our previous Patchwork Puzzle project - with a little twist and some surprises... Check back from time to time or sign up for our newsletter so that you don't miss the kick-off for this exciting project!


Previous Patchwork Puzzle projects:


Patchwork Puzzle ONE #patchworkpuzzles #patchwork #quilttutorial Patchwork Puzzle ONE

12 of the 16 block puzzles from Patchwork Puzzle ONE were initially designed as "Block Mysteries" for the design course My Year of Design TWO. As it soon became clear that these entertaining block riddles were surprisingly popular, we created the Patchwork Puzzle series and in 2018 we published our first book with very detailed, full-colour instructions on how to piece the 16 presented block motifs and a large photo gallery with creative block designs by participants of the MYoD2 design course and finished quilt works inspired by Patchwork Puzzle ONE.

You can purchase our Patchwork Puzzle ONE book in our webshop as eBook in PDF-format including all templates in original size for printing:

PP1 PDF download

Patchwork Puzzle TWO #patchworkpuzzles #patchwork #quilttutorials  Patchwork Puzzle TWO

In our second patchwork puzzle project we present over 50 detailed patterns for a great variety of patchwork blocks - both historical and (well-)known patchwork blocks and new designs. 49 of these blocks are included in the Tranquility Sampler Quilt which represent a very personal journey for the maker and author of the book, Jutta Hufnagel.

Tranquility Quilt #patchworkpuzzles #patchwork #textileart #quilttutorial

Tranquility Quilt by Jutta Hufnagel

For PP2 there is an online gallery with lots of sketches and block designs inspired by the Patchwork Puzzle TWO for all interested puzzle quilters and those who want to become one: Block gallery

In autumn 2019 we published a very comprehensive book for PP2 in German with all 50 block designs and detailed step-by-step instructions and templates, plus a chapter on strategies and practical tips for designing sampler quilts:

Patchwork Puzzle ZWEI #patchworkpuzzles #patchwork #quilttutorials

Introduction to the PP2 book

The German version of this book is available in our webshop:

PP2 book (German version) in our webshop

Those of you who use the popular patchwork design software Electric Quilt, might be interested in the EQ8 project file including all block patterns featured in the Patchwork Puzzle ZWEI book. It is available for direct download in our webshop: 

PP2 EQ8 project file with all 50 blocks


Patchwork Puzzle THREE #patchworkpuzzles #patchwork #quilttutorials   Patchwork Puzzle THREE

In the third round of our Patchwork Puzzles we present you 25 block motifs, including classic-looking stars and also wild modernity, symmetrical and extravagant asymmetrical patterns, all based on a very versatile 7x7 grid (sometimes extended to a 14x14 grid).

In our block gallery you will find many block designs and finished quilts inspired by the Patchwork Puzzle THREE: Block gallery

The block gallery is open to everyone and we would be happy to receive many more exciting block designs and photos of finished quilts, just send an e-mail to:

At the beginning of June 2020 Patchwork Puzzle DREI was also published as a book in German:

Patchwork Puzzle DREI #patchworkpuzzles #patchwork #quiltanleitung

Introduction to the PP3 book

In our webshop you can order the German version of our Patchwork Puzzle DREI book. If you don't speak German, you can still easily follow our tutorials as we have done our best to create almost "language-free" instructions.

An English version is planned for the mid-term future.

PP3 Book (German version) in our webshop

Those of you who use the popular patchwork design software Electric Quilt, might be interested in the EQ8 project file including all block patterns featured in the Patchwork Puzzle DREI book. It is available for direct download in our webshop: 

PP3 EQ8 project file with all 25 blocks