Summary: QuiltZeitReise (Trip back into Quilt History)

Virginia Reel

The motto of our 2010 quilt voyage was “QuiltZeitReise” which is a play on words in German  roughly translated “Trip back into Quilt History”.

The thread (pun intended) running through the itinerary – history and quilt history – was an obvious choice considering our destination. In Virginia, travellers are constantly confronted with the history of the United States. And although quilts have never played a major role in the history that ends up in school books, they have always been woven into the daily lives of the people.

Colonial Williamsburg

To make sure, however, that all participants arrived safely back mentally to quilt making in the 21st century, the trip culminated in Houston, Texas, with a visit to the International Quilt Festival 2010.

So, after extensive preparations, 34 dedicated German and Swiss quilters and two very brave husbands stepped on the tour bus on 23 October 2010 accompanied by Carola and myself as group leaders and by Paul, our bus driver.

Group Photo

Our trip included stunning scenic views, beautiful (quilt) museums, and lovely quilt shops. We met lots of very friendly people wherever we went and had enormous fun both indoors and outdoors. A big thank you goes to the group, without whose extraordinary team spirit, punctuality and discipline, it would have been a lot harder for Carola and me to keep things running smoothly.