*SusanClaire M, Australia/New Zealand: Two Kiwis

SusanClaire M, New Zealand: Two Kiwis

Name of the quilter: Susan Claire M

Name of the block: Two Kiwis

Country: Australia/New Zealand

Size: 12" by 6" (30 cm x 15 cm)

I am a kiwi, a flightless bird and I live in New Zealand and am often used as a National Symbol. I am nocturnal as well as being extraordinarily shy so it isn’t easy to see me! There are 5 different varieties of kiwi spread throughout both the north and south islands of New Zealand and some of us are in trouble as there aren’t very many of some of us left. I love to forage in the undergrowth for food and I have nostrils at the end of my long beak. The female kiwi is extraordinary because the egg she lays is huge compared to her body, she is about the size of a chicken and her egg is approximately 6 times the size of a chicken egg!

The kiwis shown on my quilt block are my version of kiwi and I have incorporated a “koru” (or loop or spiral) shape in the design, which in New Zealand is indicative of the new unfurling frond of the Silver Fern, a feature often used in Maori artworks.

SusanClaire M, New Zealand: Two Kiwis