My Year of Design THREE

My Year of Design THREE

... another journey of thinking and making!

My Year of Design THREE (MYoD3) offers you lots of exciting and entertaining design exercises which focus on


  • design elements (line, form, colour, etc.)
  • design principles (focus, rhythm, contrast, etc.) and
  • composition (bringing everything together).

The content is divided into three independent modules with six chapters each.

MYoD3 Introduction

MYoD3 Module 1 Introduction

MYoD3 Module 1 Chapter 1 Points (FREE DOWNLOAD)

For each chapter, we will give you a competent feedback on one of your works and would of course be happy to publish your MYoD3 results in our MYoD Online Gallery to share your textile experiments and experiences with other participants.

You need a PC with Internet connection and software to view PDF documents to participate.

Participation Fee: 30.00 € per module (includes 6 chapters)