Quick Coincidence Quilts

Quick Coincidence Quilts #aninspirationaday #quiltdesign #patchwork

Those of you who have followed us for some time know that coincidence has long played an important role in our activities. We have used the dice as tool for "coincidental quilt design" since the first edition of My Year of Design, our series of not-so-mainstream design courses. We would like to present today our latest addition to our Coincidence Quilt family - the Quick Coincidence Quilts!

The idea behind the Quick Coincidence projects - as for all other Coincidence Quilt projects - is to challenge ourselves with "instructions" given by the dice which we might not have chosen ourselves. This gives us the chance to challenge our usual approach to designing a piece, to get off the beaten path of patchwork and quilting and thus to grow as quilters and designers.

Most of our previous Coincidence Quilt projects had several "rounds" with all the input defining the resulting piece. This obviously takes some time - for thinking about possible solutions, for experimenting etc.

Sometimes time just isn't very abundant and here the Quick Coincidence projects come in: Throw the set of five dices in one go. Each represents a particular design element or principle: colour, colour scheme, shapes, lines, and design principles such as movement, rhythm, balance etc.

Coincidence Quilt Dice Set #aninspirationaday #quickcoincidencequilts

This is Jutta's first combination (see related post showing the result of this dice combination)

So take out your set of dices in the morning, roll them and spend the day thinking about possible solutions. If you have time in the evening, make a few sketches and/or notes and store them for the next "island of time". Even if you never can make the time to translate your ideas into fabric, you have had fun thinking about the realization of your Quick Coincidence project. You could even use the ideas gained from this little game in other projects totally unrelated to the Quick Coincidence Quilts!